Conference Feedback
Feedback about the 2008 conference:

"I was really encouraged to just connect with so many people immediately. There was none of the "distant superficiality" that comes when meeting strangers initially. I loved how authentic people were. I was really challenged to understand "obedience" and also what "sovereignty" meant. I didn't get a direct answer on what to do with my career and direction - but have gained lots of good perspectives. I feel more at peace and hopeful." - E.W.

"A delightful mix of styles and teaching that only God could orchestrate." - S.S.

"Jerry - challenging in a very good way. Hope there will be more speakers like him. Challenged me to memorize scriptures! Paul - very charismatic and caring. Challenged to respond and not merely react, and to change the world from "inside out". Lee - Fun and emotional time of sharing! Learned a few new cartoon jargons. Challenged that we are all slaves of God and it is good to realize that as soon as possible! Gail - helped me make a decision over the weekend at a crossroad regarding jobs: not to take a job that consumes all my time! Phyllis - Homemaking can be so creative! Encouraged to model our home from Heaven and from the Tabernacle model, with nourishment (show bread), light and warmth (lamp), and of course, the Lord! Miltinnie - Challenged to think more about which course I would like to get an 'A' on. The course for me would be "family", if the Lord provides one." - J.W.

"Beth - Was truly wonderful! A godly woman yet being so real and open, she was courageous to share her real life experiences and mistakes made. I was then encouraged to share my mistakes and problems with her. I thanked her for being so real." - V.H.

What participants liked best about the 2008 conference:

"The opportunity to learn from and connect w/ inspiring spiritual mentors." - C.F.

"Meeting people and the speakers/messages. Been looking for a model for lay ministries. Too many programs, not enough people in my church. Too often lay people don't feel called, don't have purpose except to tithe and support missionaries. Will take the message back to my church. Would love to share/hear more ideas from mentors." - J.Y.

"Seeing friends again, seeing the conference connecting ppl with similar passions and visions, and being exposed to new ideas." - K.L.

"Focused sessions, relevancy of the discussion, like-mindedness of conferees, open talk of issues surrounding conferee demographics." - S.L.

What participants liked best about the 2007 conference:

"How thought provoking it was, how it made us strive to fear the Lord."

"I am still reeling from the mentors and speaker's messages and I am sure that there is going to be a profound impact on my life."

"Relevance, honesty and depth of discussions."

"I came back from the conference feeling incredibly renewed, inspired, and blessed. The encouraging friendships I've formed and spiritual fruits I've internalized made the trip so worthwhile for me."

"Meeting amazing people with a common passion."

"Where to start? Mentor huddles, interacting with peers. I had some great takeaways from each mentor & speaker."

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